Sama Holdings Ltd




Kampala, Plot 4 Kyadondo Road, Nakasero

Start date:

May 2015

Project Duration:

3 Years

Project Status:


Project Description

The development of 10,000sqm comprises of a 12-storey building with 9 levels of office space and 3 basements. It has 4,500sqm of net office space. Located in the heart of Kampala, the building envelope is wrapped in chemically-resistant, heat reflective and light refractive glass which regulates thermal transmittance and keeps the building interior naturally cool or warm. This minimizes energy requirements for artificial air-conditioning & lighting. The open spaces around the building exterior are laid with interlocking self-draining pavers which reduce pressure on the existing storm water drainage system and keeps natural waterways free of debris. Green areas around the building constitute 20% of the plot area, which contributes to the city’s green house gas reduction.

Actual Services Provided by Armstrong Consulting Engineers

Preparation of Civil and Structural Engineering designs: Supervision of Construction works: Quality checks: Ensuring health and safety compliance: Advising on the technical problems during progressive works.

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